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About Artisan Crafts / Professional Katerina Rypalova (Burgunzik)Female/Russia Recent Activity
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Plushie Octavia Melody :iconburgunzik:Burgunzik 17 1 Plushie Maud Pie in the fleece hoodie :iconburgunzik:Burgunzik 16 0 Plushie Scootaloo :iconburgunzik:Burgunzik 19 0 Plushie OC Graze :iconburgunzik:Burgunzik 17 0 Plushie Calamity :iconburgunzik:Burgunzik 26 0 Plushie Pinkie Pie :iconburgunzik:Burgunzik 30 0 Plushie Flurry Heart :iconburgunzik:Burgunzik 21 7 Plushie Sunburst :iconburgunzik:Burgunzik 22 1 Plushie Surprise :iconburgunzik:Burgunzik 21 3 More Fluffle! More Puff! :iconburgunzik:Burgunzik 29 1 Plushie Fluffle Puff with horn :iconburgunzik:Burgunzik 22 0 Plushie Precious Antique :iconburgunzik:Burgunzik 19 1 Plushie Lion from Steven Universe :iconburgunzik:Burgunzik 15 0 Plushie Dr Whooves :iconburgunzik:Burgunzik 28 2 Plushie Sunset Shimmer :iconburgunzik:Burgunzik 31 2 Plushie Flutterbat :iconburgunzik:Burgunzik 21 1


Tribalshy :iconironm17:IronM17 67 1 The Best Of The Wasteland :iconvector-brony:Vector-Brony 629 97 Red-Eye :iconvector-brony:Vector-Brony 201 19 Xenith is angry :iconvector-brony:Vector-Brony 192 26 Doom bunny :iconvector-brony:Vector-Brony 322 39 Project Partypooper -Psalm :iconvector-brony:Vector-Brony 208 61 #018 - Granny Smith :iconfireflytwinkletoes:fireflytwinkletoes 110 43 Avatar for FoE-Group :iconoo00set00oo:oo00SET00oo 229 20 Gin Rummy and Go Fish :iconvector-brony:Vector-Brony 457 92 Steel rangers :iconvector-brony:Vector-Brony 263 42 P21 and Scotch Tape 02 :iconvector-brony:Vector-Brony 266 23 Happy Velvet Remedy and Pyrelight :iconvector-brony:Vector-Brony 375 23 Littlepip happy :iconvector-brony:Vector-Brony 597 59 Happy blackjack 2 :iconvector-brony:Vector-Brony 360 41 Cteno Custom Plush :iconnazegoreng:Nazegoreng 795 108 Never Change :iconcheezedoodle96:cheezedoodle96 134 7



I hate spring... A little blow and I'm snot on my knee, with a gruff voice, bloodshot eyes and sleep like a bear in hibernation ... Work standing or moving very slowly, I want to sit down to sew, and forces enough for 15 minutes, then I fall without forces and again to sleep ...
Status of relations with the spring, "it's complicated" ... Blanket is my best friend ...
Do not get sick, friends, and take care yourself and your loved ones.
Your Bu ...


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Katerina Rypalova (Burgunzik)
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EgonDaLatz Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
C днем рождения!
kelton00090 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2017
Happy Birthday!
Gentian-S Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
happy birthday :3
TwilightIsMagic Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2017  Student General Artist
:iconpinkiehappyplz::iconsaysplz:Yay! We're here, everypony!
:iconhappytsplz::iconsaysplz:Phew, that wasn't long. I told you we could easily make it on hoof!
:iconstyle1plz::iconsaysplz:Speak for yourself, Twi, you didn't have to carry this cake! It's heavy, you know!
:iconpinkiebrilliantplz::iconsaysplz:Thank you for helping out, Dashie! I couldn't have settled for anything less, after all!
:iconfluttershy-plz::iconsaysplz:Hi... We're here to... wish you a happy birthday.
:iconpinkiesmileplz::iconsaysplz:You said it! Happy birthday!
:iconbrilliantpinkieplz::iconsaysplz:And what better way to say "happy birthday" than with a cake? :iconcakepinkplz:
:iconapple-jackplz::iconsaysplz:Why, with a real Apple family apple pie, of course! :iconapplepieplz:
:iconderpyhappyplz::iconsaysplz:With a muffin! Yay! :iconmlpmuffinplz:
:iconraritysmileplz::iconsaysplz:But these, while pleasant to give, mean little by themselves...
:iconrarityiscuteplz::iconsaysplz:What makes them meaningful are our wishes for you!
:iconpinkiesmile2plz::iconsaysplz:Exactly! And we wish for you to have a perfect birthday and a great year ahead of you!
:iconrainbowdashhappyplz::iconsaysplz:Don't fear any challenges you might face! No matter how bad it may seem, have faith in yourself and keep on being awesome!
:icontwilighthappyplz::iconsaysplz:And while at it, keep a level head and don't lose sight of what's important! Keep the magic of friendship alive in yourself!
:iconapplejackhappyplz::iconsaysplz:Remember your loved ones and friends, an' don't let little things an' worries get you down!
:iconspikethinkingplz::iconsaysplz:We hope that you'll find all you seek and be the best you can be!
:iconrarityjoyplz::iconsaysplz:Don't forget to respect yourself! You're the best at being you, so stay true to what you really are!
:iconflutterpweezeplz::iconsaysplz:And we hope that you'll be at peace with yourself, too... and that the year ahead will be peaceful for you.
:iconpinkiewinkplz::iconsaysplz:And throughout all that, have fun! It isn't fun if you don't have any, after all, and fun it should be!
:iconpinkiepartyplz::iconsaysplz:Just like today! Party on!
ProudyHooves Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2017
С Наступившим и сразу же с Днем Рождения! ^.^
Всего самого-самого наилучшего и заслуженного по жизни, йей! =3
adamlhumphreys Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2016  Professional General Artist
Thank you much for the watch! :iconfluttergaspplz: I’ll try not to disappoint. :iconfluttersmileplz:
Zombies8MyWaffle Featured By Owner May 26, 2016  Professional Artisan Crafter
              :iconpink-tplz: :iconpink-hplz: :iconpink-aplz: :iconpink-nplz: :iconpink-kplz: :iconpink-splz: 

                 Tiny Bubbles Sprite by Zombies8MyWaffle Pastel Yellow Pixel HeartPastel Yellow Pixel HeartTiny Bubbles Sprite by Zombies8MyWaffle Pastel Yellow Pixel HeartPastel Yellow Pixel HeartTiny Bubbles Sprite by Zombies8MyWaffle  
 Pastel Pink Pixel Heart Bow and Ruffles Banner by socksyy Bow and Ruffles Banner by socksyyPastel Pink Pixel Heart 

               Pastel Pink Pixel Heart Pastel Orange Pixel Heart   for the watch!!Pastel Orange Pixel HeartPastel Pink Pixel Heart 
nightskrill Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Шикарные плюшки, мадмуазель~~ 
Gentian-S Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I sent an angel to watch over you last night but it came back. I asked "why?" The angel said "angels don't watch over Angels." Twenty angels are IN your world. Ten of them are sleeping, nine are playing, and one is reading this message. Send this to ten friends including me. I guess if I don't get it back in not one of soon as you get five replies, someone you love will quietly surprise you. Pleased read not joking. God has seen you struggling with something. God says it's over. A blessing will come your way. If you believe in God send this message on. Please don't ignore it. You are being tested. God is going to fix two things BIG tonight in your favor. DROP everything and pass it on. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. Don't break this chain. Send to 14 friends in 10 minutes. It's not that hard.
Burgunzik Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2016  Professional Artisan Crafter
I do not stop to sew these ponies. I did not come home to the author of those plushies and stole a pattern, I made it myself. Inspired solely pictures of artists. I like chibi pony.
In addition, most crafters sew virtually identical pony and no one who is not writing and says that the pattern stole.
After several tests I got, what you have seen. Yes, it seems to work Pinku Art, but it works I saw after. Her work and the work of this author:…
Then she wrote to me, but I did not answer, because i do not felt that it was inspired by her work. I do not understand why this is so upset you.
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